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Ans. We provide estimate services for new construction, remodeling, rehabilitation, multifamily housing, retail, wastewater treatment facilities, cogeneration facilities, warehouses, and highways and bridges. We are experts in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We employ a variety of pricing databases, including RS Means and National Cost estimator by Craftsmen (zip-code-based pricing, which is updated frequently throughout the year), to ensure that the bid is both competitive and accurate.

Ans. That’s not a problem either. We will provide an estimate based on the details and specifications you will give us. Our estimators will assume as per their previous data and provide a preliminary estimate for the project.

Our Payment Policies:

Ans. Send us the project's blueprints and specifications first at info@bidwinestimation.net. Our estimators will then review and get back to you with a quote and suggested turnaround time.

Usually, every project’s scope and size are different. Also, we first review drawings/plans and scope of work. Just upload plans in below link and we will review and quote you in a minute..

The majority of the time, we bill per project. Once you discuss the specifics of your job with us, we can create an hourly pricing that is reasonable for you. For busy contractors, our estimating services are ideal because they save 60% more money than hiring an internal estimator.